OUR pledge
for a better tomorrow

At Zingerle Group, we're deeply committed to environmental and social responsibilities, striving to enhance the well-being of our community and future generations.

Sustainable Development

Sustainability is built into the core of how we manufacture our products, engage with our communities, and operate our offices. A family-founded and run business, we like to think in generations, not just in quarters.

We are continually making the effort to increase our sustainability initiatives year over year to better impact the world around us. 

Environmental Initiatives

Combatting Climate Change

What's Our Approach?

  • Emphasizing renewable energy sources: Our core production facility is powered entirely by solar energy.
  • Investing in eco-friendly products, including 100% recycled Ecotent Eco Fabric and sustainably produced Mastertent Pirontex® Fabric.
  • Reducing our carbon footprint and material waste through in-office policies limiting the use of plastic, printed paper materials, and recycling initiatives.
  • Use of scrap materials in upcycling or recycling programs - such as excess tent fabrics crafted into reusable tote bags for packaging.


Our goals are concrete and we are already moving towards:

  • Converting the company fleet to electric vehicles.
  • Making product packaging completely plastic-free.
  • Fully activating our Trade-In Program to recycle our customers' retired tent frames and fabrics.
  • Funding recycling programs equivalent to recycling 5 plastic bottles for every Zingerle product ordered.
  • Funding the protection of an endangered species.
  • Broadening our Reforestation Program by planting a tree for every table and bench order placed.
Our Active Environmental Programs
Solar-Powered Production Our core production facility is 100% powered by renewable, solar-powered energy.
Annual Reforestation Program Our annual reforestation effort has replanted over 25,000 spruce trees and saplings of other species since 2020.
Creative Upcycling Projects We repurpose scrap tent fabrics and materials into reusable tote bags.
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