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At the Zingerle Group®, we design, manufacture and sell industry-leading mobile equipment and to better serve our customers we have clear Sales and Product policies that create the best experience possible while you shop, order, and use our products and services across our brands of Mastertent®, Ecotent® and RUKU1952®. 


PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING OUR SITE OR PURCHASING PRODUCTS.  The below terms and conditions are always evolving to improve experience, so periodically check for updates.  If you do not agree with the terms and conditions herein, please refrain from site use and product purchase. 


Zingerle Group USA, Inc. is the North American organization to a global family of entities that own all rights to our brands of Mastertent® (“MT”), Ecotent® (“ET”) and RUKU1952® (“RK”), including the maintenance of their respective websites as a service to visitors and customers.  All owned brands together with the parent entity are known as Zingerle Group (“ZG”).  Any order and/or business of any kind between ZG (“ZG”, “Seller”, “We”, or “Our”) and customers or other users of this website (“Customers”, “Buyers”, “Users”, “You” or “Your”) is governed exclusively by the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”). Such Terms and Conditions will constitute a binding contract between ZG and said Customers or other users of this website. 

§ 1 Product Information and Prices 

  1. ZG strives to make Our product information readily available throughout Our websites and digital product materials.  Technical, operating and safety information is available through website download or by communications with ZG Sales & Support Professionals (“ZG Pros”), which can be direct employees or agents, as well as authorized Sales Partners.  To request any product information not found on Our website please contact a ZG Pro.  For new communications, we are available by email, phone or online chat during business hours, or any time of day through Our Online Contact or Design Center forms. 

  2. Prices found on Our websites and digital product materials, as available, are typically starting options for products or packages shown, where product pictures may have further sizes and features available at additional costs.  Pricing details and an official offer (“Sales Quote”) are available by contacting ZG, as listed in 1.1, or directly through Your known ZG Pro, that will contain further itemized product and/or complete package prices.  Any advertised product pricing or availability information communicated online, verbal, email, chat, or other, are given for convenience and subject to change without notice until an Order is placed and confirmed as outlined in section 2. 

  3. Online shopping carts (“Cart”) including ZG websites, controlled third-party listings (e.g. Google Shop), or through authorized Sales Partners, may contain select ZG products for on demand purchasing.  In Cart details will outline product specifics, purchase prices, valid discounts, shipping rates, applicable sales taxes, and further information for your review before placing an Order as defined in section 2.  During which if there are any questions, Customers are encouraged to contact a ZG Pro for guidance and further process explanation.   

  4. Sales Quotes will be in writing and delivered to You from a ZG Pro via digital email attachment, or as available through online or text features.  Sales Quotes are non-binding and subject to change without notice.  Sales Quotes will be valid for a designated period therein, typically 30-days from issuance, and all offers, both written and verbal, will have further manufacturing and fulfillment terms and conditions.  

  5. Posted and communicated prices are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise noted and are for the applicable products only.  Prices generally exclude various other costs such as (i) costs for installation or on-site construction to be carried out by Customer, (ii) sales tax, import duties or other government fees applicable to Your jurisdiction, (iii) special packaging, handling, insurance, and any other incidental costs valid for delivery, (iv) and any other ancillary charges that may arise (collectively, “Ancillary Costs”).  Any Customer applicable shipping costs paid by ZG will be estimated prior to Order and confirmed for acceptance. 

§ 2 Order Process and Payment 

  1. Customer Orders of ZG products can be placed through ZG Pros (“Rep Orders”), or for select products, by online shopping cart (“Online Orders”) in respective brand websites and various online outlets.  Valid Orders are serviced either directly with ZG or Our authorized Sales Partners, all containing the subsequent policies.  When placing an Order through an authorized Sales Partners, review their additional Order policies that together will create Your full Terms and Conditions.  To proceed with placing an Order: 

  1. For Rep Orders, You may accept the Sales Quote, which will create a binding contract, by either (i) online acceptance and confirmation, (ii) written communications indicating acceptance, or (iii) signing and returning a copy of the Sales Quote. 

  1. For Online Orders, You may place the Online Order via the applicable shopping cart, which will create a binding contract, by carefully reviewing and acknowledging further self-service Term and Conditions. 

Customer acceptance and desire to proceed with Sales Quotes or Online Orders require ZG acknowledgement and confirmation of receipt. To ensure optimal customer satisfaction and processing efficiency, ZG will review, confirm and release subsequent Order Confirmation details back to You, at which time the Order has been officially placed. 

  1. Custom Products including but not limited to: printed tent roofs or sidewalls, inflatables, special sizes or features, designed furniture, and unique non-stock items; will have additional pre-Order steps to complete. We will work with You to develop the desired design and configuration, using Your artwork (logos, pictures, licensed material, etc.) to create virtual renderings (“Graphic Layouts”).  During this process, Graphic Layouts will be digitally provided to You for review and approval. The final Graphic Layout that You approve for production must be accepted through the same communications manner as the Order process outlined in section 2.1.  Custom Products are non-refundable and have further return conditions detailed in section 5, Satisfaction and Return Policy. 

  2. ZG Invoice and Order Confirmation will contain approved payment terms and conditions, default being immediately due to proceed (“Prepayment”).  Invoices from Order Confirmation procedures will be delivered to You by Our online invoicing and payment system, with secure payment options via credit card, ACH, and other; while Online Orders will create invoices and payment options simultaneous to checkout through the online shopping cart.  Additionally, Customers can select phone payment processing for convenience where ZG follows PCI compliance, or by request can obtain check, ACH and wire instructions for offline payments. 

  3. Payment Terms, such as net 30, and deposit options, such as 50% down, are available with ZG review and approval of the Customer’s account.  We will determine based on credentials including but not limited to: account type, business operations, trade references, payment history, and order risk; and must be completed and granted by ZG expressly in writing prior to any Order Confirmation seeking these terms.  We may require Customer Purchase Orders to validate Your recognition of any grated terms.  Please submit Payment Term requests with Your ZG Pro in advance of placing an Order to not experience Order delays.   

  4. Financing may be available through non-affiliated, third-party companies.  We may offer suggestions through our ZG Pros or a digital connection to services like PayPal®, CreditKey®, Centra®, etc. However, Your election to use these financing tools is Your responsibility and completely independent of ZG.  If utilized, these services will pay ZG directly for your Order and require that you agree to their payment, collateral, credit and other terms and conditions.  Please review any financing options carefully to make sure it’s right for You. 

  5. Stock selection and/or production of products for Orders will begin ONLY once We have received and acknowledged all applicable Customer information, approvals, and payments in accordance with the Order: ZG issues Invoice and Order Confirmation, Customer confirms final Graphic Layouts for any custom products if applicable, and Customer payments have been satisfied.  

  6. ZG reserves the right to accept, postpone or reject Your confirmed order after evaluating requirements to manufacture and/or fulfill. Any delays or rejections will be communicated by ZG as soon as possible.  Customer payment of standard, non-custom products (standard frames, structures, fabrics, furniture, or accessories), or custom products (printed graphics or special features) not yet in production, will be eligible for refund if the Customer would elect.  

  7. Late payments will accrue interest at a rate of 1½% per month (18% per year) until full payment is received. 

§ 3 Shipping Policy 

  1. ZG works hard to make receiving products as easy as their purchase and use.  Customer Orders will contain selected shipping terms, commonly being FOB Delivered (ZG Prepaid) or FOB Origin (Customer Collect).  When FOB Delivered is utilized, We will prepay for shipping with ZG Carrier (e.g. UPS, FedEx, Estes, etc.) accounts, where applicable charges of such will display in Your Invoice and Order Confirmation.  When FOB Origin is chosen, You have selected to ship with Your further obligation to pay shipping charges directly to the Carrier either by, (i) cash of delivery (COD) or (ii) Your established Carrier accounts.       

  2. Risk of loss and obligation to insure will follow the party in possession of products during shipment.  With FOB Delivery, ZG will assist and correct any shipping issues that may arise with the Carrier until delivery to destination.  When FOB Origin is used, either by ZG scheduling or Customer, You will be responsible for resolving any shipping matters.  Regardless of shipment method when there is damage or loss of products, We will strive to quickly assist with replacement Orders as needed, where such Orders follow the procedures of section 2, Order Process and Payment. 

  3. ZG is not responsible for damage, loss or theft of products once delivered by the shipping Carrier to Your destination.  Please ensure that You take local precautions to protect delivered products, including but not limited to, having someone present to receive the shipment, asking ZG to ship with Signature Required, or, as available, selecting to pick-up at a local Carrier terminal.  

  4. Deliveries are contingent upon Our receiving of necessary raw materials and may be delayed, reduced, or cancelled by ZG, to the extent affected by delay, reduction, or cancellation of shipment of such materials. 

  5. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SHIPMENT IMMEDIATELY, including all boxes and cartons, against the bill-of-lading BEFORE signing for the delivery.  Any damage or missing item should be noted in writing on the Carrier’s bill-of-lading, with the Carrier’s delivery driver signing the bill-of-lading to acknowledge the same.  We understand some situations only present themselves once you have opened all packaging, so please be mindful that You have 2 Weeks (14 Days) from delivery receipt to inspect and communicate any issues with ZG.  Should this time pass with no communications, We will be pleased of your satisfaction.   

  6. Delay in delivery or defect in quality will entitle Customer to cancel only that portion of product that is delayed or defective.  Standard, non-custom products (standard frames, structures, fabrics, furniture, or accessories), and custom products (printed graphics or special features) not yet in design or production, will be eligible. 

  7. Delivery and/or tender made after specified date of delivery will constitute a good delivery. Customer hereby agrees to grant adequate additional amount of time to complete shipment.  Thereafter, delivery or deliveries and/or tender or tenders prior to receipt of written cancellation will constitute timely delivery. 

§ 4 Product Care and Safety 

  1. ZG products need to be cared for to preserve their performance and function.  Customers need to review all product safety information and operating instructions prior to use and ensure that such material is conveyed to additional product users and operators.  You, and all product users, are responsible for maintaining safe conditions and using products only as intended.  Failure to do so may lead to property damage or even result in human injury and death.  ZG makes every effort possible to educate and guide You in proper product handling, however if there are ever any questions or uncertainty do not hesitate to contact Your ZG Pro for guidance. 

  2. ZG designs for quality and durability, however the inherent nature of mobile tents, tables, inflatables, and other products makes them vulnerable to lifting when winds are stronger than their securing.  Any ZG wind and weather performance material is provided as testing estimates for general guidance and cannot be solely relied upon for exact real-world conditions that You may experience. 

  3. USERS ARE RESPONSIBLE for assessing on-site wind and weather conditions and always ensuring they have secured products sufficient for their conditions.  The mobile and easy-to-use design of Our products allows them to quickly be closed and stored when conditions are, or soon will become, unsuitable for use.  Please be aware that wind and weather-related damages are NOT WARRANTY COVERED, and ZG is NOT LIABLE FOR DAMAGE OR INJURY that may occur as a result.  


§ 5 Satisfaction and Return Policy 

  1. Every ZG Order is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Returns and Exchanges for THIRTY (30) DAYS from the date of product receipt by the Customer, product eligibility is as follows:  

  1. Standard, in-stock items that are not printed or customized are eligible for any reason when kept in new condition with all original components, manuals and packaging.  Returns may be subject to a Restock Fee, waived at ZG discretion for account credit or exchanges. 

  1. Printed fabrics are guaranteed to substantially match order-approved Graphic Layouts in form, context and color, and any errors (“Print Errors”) found during the thirty (30) day period are eligible for reprint exchange.  Customers understand that produced resolution is only as good as their artwork provided to Us and actual colors on fabrics and surfaces may vary by +/-10%. 


  1. Any printed product such as canopy tent roofs and sidewalls, inflatables, pavilion roofs and panels, flags and banners, and valance advertising panels, direct table imprints, or alike. 

  1. Any custom or modified product such as Mastertent custom inflatables or S1 canopy tent frames with custom colors or extended height legs, special features of roofs and sidewalls, custom sizes, or alike. 

  1. Any product that has been modified by someone other than ZG, or an authorized ZG servicer. 

  1. Eligible standard products or Print Error exchanges that return to ZG in used condition, either by Customer or shipping, or without original components, manuals and packaging will be deemed ineligible. 

  2. Shipping for eligible returns or exchanges is Your responsibility, where ZG can assist as a courtesy with costs deducted from return or exchange credit.  For Print Error exchange or incorrect product fulfillment, ZG will accommodate with standard shipping of return and corrected redelivery at no additional costs to You.  Original shipping costs are non-refundable.  Any ineligible product returned to Us is Your responsibility for collection or redelivery.  In any event, rush options may be available with additional Customer fees.  Return packaging exception will be made for products that originally deliver to Customer in consolidated packaging, where partial return or exchange has been approved by ZG, and the Customer has prepared their own packaging for return shipment.  You are responsible to ensure that all return shipment packaging protects the returning product, along with its components, manuals and direct packaging, so that they arrive to ZG in new condition.  Should shipping damage or loss occur it is Your responsibility to resolve.   

  3. Within the thirty (30) day Return and Exchange period, ZG must receive Your completed Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form, processed either by online submission or traditional form completion, where forms can be obtained by website download or ZG Pro request.  The completed RMA should detail Your Order information, products requesting return or exchange, and further financial and shipping selections You are electing.  Once accepted by ZG, an RMA number will be issued and return steps can commence.  Please remember that a Restock Fee may be assessed on Returns for Refund. 

  4. ZG will issue a credit or refund only once the returned product is received, matches the RMA and inspected by ZG to comply with all terms and conditions herein.  For full value of refund or credit, also ensure that You return any free (“Promotional”) product, including all components, manuals, and packaging, if applicable on an Order being returned or exchanged.  ZG may waive this if exchange for similar product is occurring.  Any packaging or shipping of Promotional item is Customer responsibility. 

  5. Custom products that are already queued for production will not be eligible to cancel, exchange or refund. 

§ 6 Manufacturer’s Warranty  

  1. ZG builds quality and We stand behind Our products with industry-leading warrants that range from 1-year to Limited Lifetime coverage across Manufacturing Defects and Corrosion: 

  1. ZG Manufacturing Defects warranty states that all Our products will be substantially free from defects in material and workmanship that may cause failure when products are under normal conditions, properly cared for, and used as intended.  Covered components such as aluminum tubing and welds, cast-iron moldings, tension systems, connecting pins and fasteners, fabric, stitched threads, grommets, zippers, wood components, etc. will all arrive in good condition out-of-the-box and perform for You as intended. 

  1. ZG Corrosion warranty states that Our protected metal products will resist oxidization (“Rusting”) to a point that causes failure when products are under normal conditions, properly cared for, and used as intended.  Covered components such as anodized aluminum, powder-coated aluminum, galvanized cast-iron, and stainless steel will perform in natural environments with User routine care of the metal surface. 

  2. Users are responsible for operating and storing products in normal conditions and providing proper care.  The following conditions, and the lack of customer care to mitigate such, are NOT COVERED and WILL VOID the Manufacturing Defects and Corrosion warranties: 

  3. Mishandling – forcefully operations (e.g. forcing open or close), improper transport stacking or storage (e.g. tents or tables stacked on sides), wet closure or debris build-up, negligent use or misuse of the product, use contrary to instructions, or alike.  

  1. Accidents – shipping damages, product drops or falls, product scratches, dents or tears, product hit by other objects, vehicle or other moving collisions, natural acts of god, or alike. 

  1. Weather – ZG designs, builds, and tests products for operations in all types of weather conditions, however on-site circumstances are always unique and requires User care to maintain safe product operations.  All weather conditions will void Our Manufacturing Defects warranty: Wind gusts at any speed; Rain, Hail, Snow or other precipitation where the product is visibly damaged (stretched, ripped, torn, etc. as a direct result of exposure or accumulation); and extreme temperatures below 20° and above 120°F (-10°/+50°C). 

  1. Elements – submersion in water; consistent exposure to humid or damp conditions; salt, sand or abrasives that etch and damage the product surface; exposure to fire; direct contact with heating sources; or chemicals, solvents or acids that deteriorate structural integrity.  

  1. Other – vandalism or theft, normal wear and tear, and/or repair or alterations by anyone other than ZG or a ZG authorized servicer. 

  2. All products, including ZG, have a natural useful life depending on the environment and conditions they are exposed to, known as Wear and Tear, which may or may not be noticed as it gradually breaks down product components, until a point in time of function failure or appears dissatisfaction.  With proper care, Wear and Tear can be minimized for many years on ZG products, however Users understand that if products arrive in good condition out-of-the-box, perform for You as intended during the first 12 months, and do not experience any of the void Conditions in 6.4, Wear and Tear is a result of the failure and is not covered under Our warranties. 

  3. Our product warranty periods are from the date of purchase as follows:  

Limited Lifetime Warranties: 

  • Canopy Tent Frames: all levels of Mastertent and Ecotent. 

  • Canopy Tent Base Weights: all galvanized cast-iron styles. 

Limited Lifetime represents the conditions required to be warranty eligible and the useful life that the product will naturally have, known as Wear and Tear. Please read all warranty Terms and Conditions. 

1-Year Warranties: 

  • Canopy Tent Roofs: all levels of Mastertent and Ecotent – Printing included 

  • Canopy Tent Sidewalls: all levels of Mastertent and Ecotent – Printing included 

  • Canopy Tent Folding Counters 

  • Mobile Lighting and Batteries: LEDs and Mobile Battery Packs 

  • Mobile Heating and Cooling: Infrared Heaters, Electric Fans and AC’s 

  • Flags and Banners: All Styles and Sizes – Printing included 

  • Curtains and Other Fabric Accessories – Printing included 

  • Inflatables: All Styles and Sizes – Electric Motor included 

  • Mobile Pavilions: All Styles and Sizes – Printing included 

  • Tables and Benches: All Styles and Sizes 

  • Mobile Partitions: All Styles and Sizes – Printing included 

During the 1-Year period (first year of ownership) there are conditions required to be warranty eligible. Please read all warranty Terms and Conditions. 

  1. Upon delivery of the product, You have a duty to inspect the product for defects in material and/or workmanship and an obligation to notify ZG within thirty (30) days of purchase of such defect upon discovery after inspection.  

  2. ZG, at its option, will repair or replace a product, or any component of the product, We find to be defective during its warranty period (“Covered Product”).  ZG guarantees that replacement parts, either under warranty or through Customer purchase, will be available for ten (10) years after the date of original product purchase.  Product parts will either be in stock or produced on-demand with applicable production times.  Customer is responsible for any transport and service costs required to inspection the product.  Once warranty eligibility is determined and approved by ZG, or an authorized service provider, the Covered Product will be installed at no additional cost to the Customer.  If You elect to keep the product in Your possession for self-servicing and ZG has approved warranty coverage or You have purchased replacement parts, You are responsible for transport costs and proper installation, and cannot make further claims due to improper installation.   

  3. To make a claim for any allegedly defective product under these warranties, contact Your ZG Pro that originally assisted with Your purchase, or contact ZG as listed in the Comments and Questions section below to provide proof of purchase from ZG, or an authorized Sales Partner.  These warranties are valid for the original retail purchaser only and are not transferable.  Second-hand resell, use and claim will void all warranties.   

  4. Additional factors NOT COVERED under ZG warranties and are exclusively Your responsibility are deductibles, premiums or procedures related to Your insurance that may cover products, as well as economic losses, including personal time and inconvenience related to product repair or replacement. 


§ 7 Force Majeure 

Except for non-payment, neither You nor We will be liable for a delay in performance of its obligations and responsibilities under an order due to causes beyond such party’s control and without its fault or negligence, such as, but not limited to, war, embargo, national emergency, insurrection or riot, acts of the public enemy, fire, flood or other natural disaster, provided that said party has taken reasonable measures to notify the other promptly in writing of delay (but in any event, within 72 hours of the force majeure event). 

§ 8 Indemnity 

Customer will, at Customer’s sole cost and expense, release, defend indemnify, and hold ZG, its affiliates, directors, officers, agents, employees, and shareholders harmless from and against all claims, demands, disputes, complaints, causes of action, suits, losses, and damages (including attorneys’ fees) of any kind to the extent they in any way relate to or arise, in whole or in part, due to the acts or omissions of Customer, its subcontractors, or agents or the employees, in the performance of Customer’s obligations under an order or any breach or default under these Terms and Conditions.  

§ 9 Limitation of Liability 


§ 10 Privacy 

See Terms of Use page on this website for Our privacy policy and terms of use.  

§ 11 Assignment/Delegation/Subcontracting 

Customer may not assign, delegate, subcontract, or transfer any order, the work required to be done or any payments to be made under an order or these Terms and Conditions without ZG’s prior written approval, in each instance.  In the event of agreed delegation or subcontracting, Customer will continue to be liable with respect to all of the obligations or liabilities assumed by it under these Terms and Conditions.  

§ 12 Remedies 

ZG’s remedies will be cumulative and will include any remedies allowed by law. Waiver of any breach by ZG will not constitute ZG’s waiver of any other breach of the same or any other provision. Acceptance of any items or payments will not waive any breach. 

§ 13 Governing Law/Submission to Jurisdiction 

This Agreement will be construed in accordance with the laws governing contracts made and to be performed in the State of North Carolina, USA, exclusive of the U.N. Convention on the International Sale of Goods or any conflict of laws principles. Customer consents to the jurisdiction of any local, state, or federal court located within the City of Charlotte, County of Mecklenburg, and State of North Carolina and waives any objection which Customer may have based on improper venue or forum non conveniens to the conduct of any proceeding in any such court.  

§ 14 Language 

The parties confirm that it is their wish that these Terms and Conditions, as well as any other documents relating to these Terms and Conditions, including all orders, notices, schedules, authorizations, attachments, and amendments, have been and will be in the English language only. 

§ 15 Entire Agreement 

These Terms and Conditions and associated ZG documents (quotes, orders, invoices, deliveries) referenced herein constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions; all prior agreements, representations, statements, negotiations and undertakings, whether oral or written, are superseded. 

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